Woo hoo!

Nice win by the Halos tonight! The Angels took it to starter Steve Trachsel early. He needed 45 pitches to get through the first few innings and was pulled after just 3 innings after Mike Napoli delivered the knock-out punch– a two run homer to give the Angels a 5-2 lead.
Napoli’s big swing followed what looked like a big home run by Erick Aybar, but the Oriole’s right fielder made quite the catch over the low wall in right to steal that one. Aybar didn’t look too happy after Napoli’s big shot. To him I say this, “You’re on the same team, try remember that!”

The final score was 7-4 and a solid performance, yet again from Joe Saunders who was sent down to the farm after his efforts to make room for Garret Anderson. He is 3-0 this season as an Angel and he sure looks ready for the big leagues.


Just another Halo victory

The Angels are getting it done, they gave Santana a nice win last night and turned around and put together a solid performance to win again tonight. The bullpen pulled together and got some backing from Vlad and Casey Kotchman. Each unleashed 3-run homers to beat the Mariners with a score of 8-6. It was a good game and it definitely erased the ugly scene left in my mind after the 5-12 loss on Monday.
Tomorrow the Baltimore Orioles come into town. Brian Burres is expected to start for the O’s. He has a 3.27 ERA and a 2-2 record. Conversely Kelvim Escobar is taking a 6-2 record and and 2.64 ERA to the mound.

The Angels are hitting well and look to continue that streak. I especially like that they are not making errors regularly and are playing well.

My only gripe is Drama Rodriguez. Frankie persists in his habit of walking the first guy he faces nearly every time he pitches for a save. Drives me crazy. I guess with 18 saves at the end of May he can do it any way he wants. I think he’s aging me prematurely though with all that drama.

Did the pitchers get left behind?

I just posted signs in the neighborhood of Angel Stadium to help find our lost pitchers. Colon and Carrasco gave up 12 freakin’ runs! The M’s only have 15 hits on the night! Conversely, we have 12 hits and we’re down by 8. Maybe I should post signs looking for Lost runs.
I am disgusted.


On a side note, rest in peace PFC Jang Ho Kim. Jang Ho Kim died in November in Iraq. He was a student in my classes 6 years ago (as a high school freshman). He was a good, kind person who had dreams of being a computer game programmer. It is a shame to have to remember him on a Memorial Day. I’d much rather have him back home in Placentia with his parents and at Fullerton College. He was just 20 years old and an only child. A big loss.


Is Colon like Sampson?

I swear that Colon got his hair cut and now he’s struggling or at least he was in the first two innings.
Also, it’s a tough things to switch between games– we’ve got the Ducks in the Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 and the Angels all at the same time. The Ducks started at 5, so that helps some…

Just watching the game in between periods for the Ducks and have to say, Figgy made an outstanding play in the 3rd! Wow, he was stretched out and just did a great job getting that out.

Fielding has really saved Colon tonight. Howie snagged one in the 4th and whipped it back to get the force out at 2nd. Nice work.

Nice to see John Lackey with 8 wins already– if he keeps it up the season will be an outstanding one for him. Also good to see a young kid like Reggit Willits get his first career triple– may he hit many more for the Angels this season.

The game is tied 4-4. Somebody got a break when Vlad hit a ball off his toe, it spit into the infield, broke his bat and only 1 run scored. The umpire didn’t see it/call it, so the run stands.

Time to switch back to the Ducks… Go halos!


Back to baseball… Geesh I can’t watch hockey for 20 minutes without the Mariners going up 4 runs, good grief. Looks like we had a couple of erors to help the M’s. Dammit, I hate errors.

Gotta rant for a minute– so what’s with Figgins’ .135 avg? I know he was injured, but he should go down to the minors to get his bat speed back or whatever he needs to get back where he should be. It’s not like we can’t live without him– we’ve shown our depth. I’d rather have him healthy than playing like he is now.

Sweepin’ the Yanks– feels so good

ImagesAfter the disastrous trip through Detroit, the Angels put together 3 great wins in New York. My favorite place to sweep! Woo hoo!

It was not without drama. In fact, I am going to rename Frankie Rodriguez– his new name is the King of Drama, or Drama for short. For whatever reason, he makes it way too exciting. He puts people on base with two out routinely. Geesh, it’s enough to give a girl a heart attack.

I’m happy to see our boys back in Anaheim. I’ll be in my regular seats on Monday and Friday. Go Halos! I’m glad to see them back home and regular activities. It has been a crazy week with an unexpected death of a friend from work, her funeral and the activities that go with unexpected death.

A clean sweep of the Dodgers

The Halos swept the Dodgers with their 4-1 win today! Woo hoo. A good outing by Escobar combined with 9 hits sent the Dodgers creeping back up the hardly moving 5 fwy.
I missed all but a couple of innings (via my xm radio). We were out celebrating the eldest daughter’s 19th birthday.

The Angels have earned a good day off after all those hit this week! They’re 17-6 at home. I am hoping that they can successfully take their winning ways on the road.

Up next, the Detroit Tigers. Go Halos!

Nice Halo wins this week!

The Angels are getting it done. Earlier in the week, I meant to post about the long ball and how every game was looking like a home run derby, but time got away from me. (It’s a long story, just suffice it to say that life is precious and the unexpected death of a dear friend from work really hit home. Rest in peace dear, sweet, Jan Holmdohl.)
We were at the game tonight– we were rewarded with a great one! The Halos are hot! They took it to the Dodgers for the second night in a row winning 6-2 tonight, and 9-1 last night.

Jeff Weaver pitched a solid game and got some great support from OC, Vlad, Napoli, and the speedster Willits. Speaking of Willits, he’s made quite an impression on me– as well as everyone else it seems. The Dodger coach was quoted, “That little guy is pretty quick.” The coach from Dodger-town didn’t get much else right, but he is right about Willits.

Willits is leading the team with an average over .340 and is just working it. He kind of reminds me of Chone Figgins of a few years ago– before the cockiness. He’s out to prove himself and out-work anyone. I like his style.

Can’t wait for the game tomorrow — I’d like to see the sweep! Escobar is on the mound and it looks to be a good game.