The Lazy Blogger is Back

I’ve been the worst blogger on this season. My apologies. I’ve been dealing with a number of health issues between my mother and myself and that has definitely cut into my free time. Mom’s recovered and my issues will be behind me later this winter.

I’m back in time for the push to the championship!  The Angels clinched the West and all is well. We went to the game on Friday night hoping to clinch– in fact the hubby spent a ridiculous amount of money to get me seats 4 rows from the field/Angels dugout. The seats were incredible; I’m glad he didn’t tell me how much he spent it might have cut into my enjoyment. ; )  The only downer was that I didn’t have my camera with me– he surprised me with the tix. I’m still hoping that the guy who took my email address will email me the pictures he took. (Crazy me, I asked the guy with the nicest camera sitting near me for uploads of his pictures. Hey, I’m a scrapbooker every picture helps.)

I was hoping that the halos would pull out the win tonight without their big sticks- Vlad and GA, but it was not meant to be. The Rangers came away with the 8-7 win. But Kotchman did pull out a big 2 run homer for the Angels to take the lead in the middle innings. It was not enough. Good to see the kid swinging.

Love the look of this team– we have some great veterans in GA, Vlad, Lackey, Shields, and Matthews. The young’uns bring some great stuff– Kotchman, Mathis (love his throw down to first that picked off the ugly acting Jose Guillen twice), Cabrera, the speedy Willits and Figgy. I like how they are constantly pressuring the other teams– they do the little things like stealing bases, bunting, and just all around aggressive play.  I think they stack up favorably against the 2002 version.  In fact, Jared Washburn said this very thing the other day.  He’s doing awfully well for the Seattle M’s, and that is good to see.

Go Halos!



  1. Sid

    Better late than never!

    I’ve been hoping to see you pop your head back in here, and you can’t pick a better time than now!

    We have some tough teams to face in October, and a lot of nerve-wracking nights ahead, but just as good a chance as anybody to fly another World Series Championship banner above the rocks in Center Field next year!

    Go Halos!

    -Sid McHenry


    Good to have you back. With what’s going on in the National League and the Playoffs coming up, it’s going to be a wild October. Go Angels !!!

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