Dominating the Dodgers

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there and a special I love you to my dad who is with me every day although he’s been gone for 5 years now.

After Friday’s loss, I don’t get to post my broom photo this time, but the Angels seem to have the Dodgers’ number and are beating the blue boys 5-2 today after 6 innings.

The Angels are doing what they do best– they are constantly pressuring the opposing team. They have been hitting consistently and fielding well. They’re on the run and it is looking good.

Escobar has had a decent outing. He’s still in as of the 6th, although he did just give up a walk. He did give up a Home Run early, but has been solid giving up 6 hits on 2 runs.

The Halo hitters are humming along with 9 hits in 6 innings.

Overall, it is looking good.

Later, top of the 8th:
The Dodgers lost James Loney after he valiantly attempted to catch a well-hit ball by Gary Matthews Jr. and was taken out of the game by the right field wall. It was a brutal hit and was sickening to see. Hopefully, he’ll be all right with no major damage to his right knee that missed the pad.


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