A night off & the alma mater

Well, the boys are on a much needed day off. Tomorrow, they head into Cincinnati and will look to stretch out their Inter-League successes. Despite the loss yesterday, they are doing well in Inter-League play (thanks to the SWEEP of the DODGERS). Overall, the Halos are 5-1 against the National League! The NL is taking a beating essentially with 3 AL teams with a 5-1 record with another 5 teams with a 4-2 record against the NL.
Yesterday’s game was not great. Weaver left the game in the third and plenty of opportunities were lost in the 9-6 loss. Not to worry, however, the guys are having a great season.


My Alma Mater, Oregon State, is looking good for a return trip to Omaha for the College World Series. It is the bottom of the 6th inning and they lead the Michigan Wolverines 7-1. It is good to see them come back with a good postseason, they struggled throughout the season after losing a handful of their key position players/pitchers last year. A number of the players left for the glories of the Major Leagues. I was happy to see the OSU game on ESPN, so I can get my baseball fix today since I’ll miss most of tomorrow’s game due to graduation (as a teacher we are required to attend graduation). I’ll be in cap and gown to help send this year’s graduates out into the world. It is great to see the end of this path, they are so excited and ready to move forward. Their smiles are huge and the possibilities are endless on this night.


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