On a roll

How sweet was Santana’s smile yesterday after his beautiful double? He got 2 RBI’s and really helped himself out. It was also great to see him win on the road– he doesn’t like to talk about it (the media should just let it go– it seems like they’re psyching him out on the road to some degree).
Nice win with 17 hits for the second game in a row. The Halos are still hitting like mad! I love to see all the hits spray the field. If they continue to hit like this they will be unstoppable since they’ve got one of the league’s best pitching staff.

The boys need to start hitting today though– no hits after 2, but that is sure to change.

Random ramblings:
Lil Weaver is so dang skinny, does he even weigh 165 on the tall, rangy frame?

It sure is nice to check in on our old players that I still love– namely Eckstein, Kennedy, Percy, and Spezio. Yes, I know that I didn’t mention Jim Edmonds. I do not have any love for him. I did, but he showed such disrespect to our fans. He’s a jerk. The fans loved him and he just talked down to us after he left.

Jered Weaver needs a haircut.

OC just gets it done. He got a nice double in the corner that scored 2 in the 3rd. Nice work.

Looks like a good game in the making.


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