Hitfest 2007

It was a crazy, crazy night at the big A. The Angels hit and hit and hit!!! We left at the end of 7 innings, the score was 8-1 and we felt like the Halos had things in hand. By the time we walked to our car– maybe 10 minutes max, the Angels were up and had scored 8 runs. No make that 8 FREAKIN’ RUNS! The poor little Minnesota pitcher, Jason Miller, faced 9 players and got just one out. By the end of 8 the Angels had over 21 hits and just cleaned up.
It was quite a night. Every starter had a hit and scored at least one run! That is quite unusual in baseball. Did I mention that the boys finished with 23 hits?!! W O W!

There were some sweet home runs tonight. Nap hit one deep, right after that Kotchman hit one, and a Matthews hit the Grand Slam.

All I know is I’m eating free wings at ******* tomorrow night! Every time the Angels score 10, we get the wings. Woo hoo!


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