The Lazy Blogger is Back

I’ve been the worst blogger on this season. My apologies. I’ve been dealing with a number of health issues between my mother and myself and that has definitely cut into my free time. Mom’s recovered and my issues will be behind me later this winter.

I’m back in time for the push to the championship!  The Angels clinched the West and all is well. We went to the game on Friday night hoping to clinch– in fact the hubby spent a ridiculous amount of money to get me seats 4 rows from the field/Angels dugout. The seats were incredible; I’m glad he didn’t tell me how much he spent it might have cut into my enjoyment. ; )  The only downer was that I didn’t have my camera with me– he surprised me with the tix. I’m still hoping that the guy who took my email address will email me the pictures he took. (Crazy me, I asked the guy with the nicest camera sitting near me for uploads of his pictures. Hey, I’m a scrapbooker every picture helps.)

I was hoping that the halos would pull out the win tonight without their big sticks- Vlad and GA, but it was not meant to be. The Rangers came away with the 8-7 win. But Kotchman did pull out a big 2 run homer for the Angels to take the lead in the middle innings. It was not enough. Good to see the kid swinging.

Love the look of this team– we have some great veterans in GA, Vlad, Lackey, Shields, and Matthews. The young’uns bring some great stuff– Kotchman, Mathis (love his throw down to first that picked off the ugly acting Jose Guillen twice), Cabrera, the speedy Willits and Figgy. I like how they are constantly pressuring the other teams– they do the little things like stealing bases, bunting, and just all around aggressive play.  I think they stack up favorably against the 2002 version.  In fact, Jared Washburn said this very thing the other day.  He’s doing awfully well for the Seattle M’s, and that is good to see.

Go Halos!


Great walk off single to win!

It was a great win tonight. I was able to witness my mom’s first mlb game tonight. I’ll download photos tomorrow.It was a pitching duel with an outstanding performance by Kelvim Escobar who left the game after 8 full innings with the game knotted at 1-1.
Frankie came in for the 9th and did what he’s paid to do(more-or-less) and got the win as a bonus thanks to Casey Kotchman’s walk off single.
Go Halos!

Dominating the Dodgers

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there and a special I love you to my dad who is with me every day although he’s been gone for 5 years now.

After Friday’s loss, I don’t get to post my broom photo this time, but the Angels seem to have the Dodgers’ number and are beating the blue boys 5-2 today after 6 innings.

The Angels are doing what they do best– they are constantly pressuring the opposing team. They have been hitting consistently and fielding well. They’re on the run and it is looking good.

Escobar has had a decent outing. He’s still in as of the 6th, although he did just give up a walk. He did give up a Home Run early, but has been solid giving up 6 hits on 2 runs.

The Halo hitters are humming along with 9 hits in 6 innings.

Overall, it is looking good.

Later, top of the 8th:
The Dodgers lost James Loney after he valiantly attempted to catch a well-hit ball by Gary Matthews Jr. and was taken out of the game by the right field wall. It was a brutal hit and was sickening to see. Hopefully, he’ll be all right with no major damage to his right knee that missed the pad.

A night off & the alma mater

Well, the boys are on a much needed day off. Tomorrow, they head into Cincinnati and will look to stretch out their Inter-League successes. Despite the loss yesterday, they are doing well in Inter-League play (thanks to the SWEEP of the DODGERS). Overall, the Halos are 5-1 against the National League! The NL is taking a beating essentially with 3 AL teams with a 5-1 record with another 5 teams with a 4-2 record against the NL.
Yesterday’s game was not great. Weaver left the game in the third and plenty of opportunities were lost in the 9-6 loss. Not to worry, however, the guys are having a great season.


My Alma Mater, Oregon State, is looking good for a return trip to Omaha for the College World Series. It is the bottom of the 6th inning and they lead the Michigan Wolverines 7-1. It is good to see them come back with a good postseason, they struggled throughout the season after losing a handful of their key position players/pitchers last year. A number of the players left for the glories of the Major Leagues. I was happy to see the OSU game on ESPN, so I can get my baseball fix today since I’ll miss most of tomorrow’s game due to graduation (as a teacher we are required to attend graduation). I’ll be in cap and gown to help send this year’s graduates out into the world. It is great to see the end of this path, they are so excited and ready to move forward. Their smiles are huge and the possibilities are endless on this night.

On a roll

How sweet was Santana’s smile yesterday after his beautiful double? He got 2 RBI’s and really helped himself out. It was also great to see him win on the road– he doesn’t like to talk about it (the media should just let it go– it seems like they’re psyching him out on the road to some degree).
Nice win with 17 hits for the second game in a row. The Halos are still hitting like mad! I love to see all the hits spray the field. If they continue to hit like this they will be unstoppable since they’ve got one of the league’s best pitching staff.

The boys need to start hitting today though– no hits after 2, but that is sure to change.

Random ramblings:
Lil Weaver is so dang skinny, does he even weigh 165 on the tall, rangy frame?

It sure is nice to check in on our old players that I still love– namely Eckstein, Kennedy, Percy, and Spezio. Yes, I know that I didn’t mention Jim Edmonds. I do not have any love for him. I did, but he showed such disrespect to our fans. He’s a jerk. The fans loved him and he just talked down to us after he left.

Jered Weaver needs a haircut.

OC just gets it done. He got a nice double in the corner that scored 2 in the 3rd. Nice work.

Looks like a good game in the making.

Hitfest 2007

It was a crazy, crazy night at the big A. The Angels hit and hit and hit!!! We left at the end of 7 innings, the score was 8-1 and we felt like the Halos had things in hand. By the time we walked to our car– maybe 10 minutes max, the Angels were up and had scored 8 runs. No make that 8 FREAKIN’ RUNS! The poor little Minnesota pitcher, Jason Miller, faced 9 players and got just one out. By the end of 8 the Angels had over 21 hits and just cleaned up.
It was quite a night. Every starter had a hit and scored at least one run! That is quite unusual in baseball. Did I mention that the boys finished with 23 hits?!! W O W!

There were some sweet home runs tonight. Nap hit one deep, right after that Kotchman hit one, and a Matthews hit the Grand Slam.

All I know is I’m eating free wings at ******* tomorrow night! Every time the Angels score 10, we get the wings. Woo hoo!